Our collection of manuals is still a work in progress. Some may be somewhat outdated, but will still contain useful information. Where possible, a revision date has been included next to the link for the manual to assist in gauging its usefulness. If you see an area where a manual needs to be updated, or a manual should exist but doesn't, please consider contributing your time to this ongoing effort.

DHS / FEMA Manuals

DHS Auxiliary Communications Field Operations Guide - November 13, 2013

PEMA Manuals

PA Auxilary Communications Service Strategic Plan - July 19, 2010
PEMA ACS SOP - July 14, 2010

ARRL Manuals

Eastern PA Section Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) Emergency Communications Plan - 2003
ARRL ARES Manual - 1995

BCARES Manuals & Standard Operating Procedures

BCARES Manual - February 18, 2014
Simplex Activation SOP - February 18, 2014 [Flowchart] [Tree diagram]