What is RACES?

RACES (pronounced ray-seez) is an acronym for Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service. It is a radio service created and defined by the FCC in 47 CFR Part 97. RACES isn't a club; RACES isn't even a private organization. A RACES unit is sponsored by and is part of a state or local government agency, RACES members must be registered in advance with the sponsoring agency, and when activated, RACES members are volunteer employees of the sponsoring agency. As such, all RACES members adhere to the policies and procedures of their unit and sponsoring agency.

RACES mission

The mission of any RACES group is to provide amateur radio and other communications support to the sponsoring agency during an emergency. While RACES members are technically operating in their role as amateur radio operators, their jobs inevitably call for the use of non-amateur radio and even non-radio communications systems. This responsibility typically takes the form of amateur or other radio systems designed to replace failed or overloaded public safety radio systems, or to add new systems.

Bucks County RACES

Bucks County RACES is the designation given to BCARES by the Bucks County Office of Emergency Services in accordance with 47 CFR Part 97. Members of BCARES are members both of ARES and RACES in Bucks County.

The mission of Bucks County RACES is to provide communications support to Bucks County and it's municipal governments during emergencies. Bucks County RACES members can be expected to; establish amateur radio systems to replace failed or overloaded existing systems; add new radio systems were none currently exist; assist with an alternate means where the public can request emergency assistance; provide support personnel to local EOC's; provide ICS communications and support manpower during extended field operations.