Bucks County ARES will be on the air Wednesdays, at 9:00 PM. We will be using Warminster Amateur Radio Club's repeater on 147.090, pl 131.8.

Whether you are a member of ARES, RACES or have no affiliation, check-in to support the net which will show your support for emergency communications in Bucks County.

The RF Hill ARC hosts a local voice NTS net on their 145.31 repeater (PL 131.8) on both Wednesdays and Sundays at 8:00pm. Charles Schnell, KS3Z, is the EPA liaison.

DayFrequencyTimeNet name
Daily NTS3.917 LSB6:00pm EasternEPAEPTN
3.585 CW7:00pm EasternEPAEPTN
3.585 CW10:00pm EasternEPAEPTN
Sunday3.9875 LSB9:00am EasternPA Eastern Area Net
3.585 Olivia 8/5008:00am EasternpaNBEMS 80m
7.073 Olivia 8/5009:30am EasternnjNBEMS 40m
145.31 (PL 131.8)8:00pm EasternNTS Local Net (RF Hill)
147.03 (PL 91.5)9:00pm EasternPhiladelphia ARES Net
28.4459:00pm EasternWARC 10m Net
Monday446.925 (PL 173.8)7:30pm EasternDelaware County ARES-RACES Net
Tuesday147.03 (PL 91.5) Thor227:00pm EasternPhil-mont Digital Education Net
147.27 (PL 77.0)8:30pm EasternDistrict 1 ARES Voice Net
Wednesday147.09 (PL 131.8)8:00pm EasternWARC Net
8:30pm EasternBCARES Digital Net (Thor22)
145.31 (PL 131.8)8:00pm EasternNTS Local Net (RF Hill)
147.09 (PL 131.8)9:00pm EasternBCARES Net
Thursday146.835 (PL 88.5)7:00pm EasternMontco RACES Net (includes digital traffic)
446.525, 446.1757:30pm EasternChester County ARES UHF Net, followed by digital traffic
All BEARS repeaters
(147.3 locally)
9:00pm EasternSkywarn Regional Net
Saturday3.585 Olivia 8/50010:00am EasternnyNBEMS 80m
14.065 Olivia 8/5001:00pm EasternSATERN Net
5.745 AM MFSK32 SWL10:30pm EasternVOA Radiogram

A list of additional NTS, ARES, RACES, and related nets for our area is available in PDF format.

BCARES Net Control Script (pdf)